Tuesday 6th September 2011

About Sleep and Inspiration
  A reasonable night. Maybe, I should explain what I mean by a reasonable night.

Currently, there is no question of me going to bed and sleeping solidly for hours. I am having to get up 4 or 5: times every night to urinate.

There are a number of factors that determine whether I feel rested in the morning.
(1) Can I get comfortable with a minimum of pain?
(2) How long does it take to get back to sleep after a trip to the loo?
(3) Am I comfortable enough to doze in bed in the morning?

We have developed a routine. At around 11:30, Sue and I go to bed and share a prayer time. Currently, the focus is mostly on prayers of thanks. In the morning, we switch on the TV on BBC Breakfast, which is usually so bland, that we can continue to doze.

Last night, I was very comfortable, so that made a big difference. By the time I got up, it was a long time since any pankillers, so my hip is uncomfortable/painful. It takes around an hour for the morphine sulphate to take effect.

The weather today is depressing, windy with rain. I am not sure how I am going to get out for some exercise.

However, the rain eased and I went out for a walk. I pushed myself a little, making it to the top of our road, a return trip of about 600 yards. It did take me 40 minutes. I felt that I was making an effort to contribute to my general health.

A very important visit this afternoon. I asked Peter Warne to come round for a discussion and prayer. Until my original diagnosis, I was a "Sunday Christian" taking God for granted for the rest of the week. Last week as things went well, I felt that I was reverting back. I wanted Pete's advice on how to keep God at the forefront of my life during the week. We spent some time studying Romans 7 and 8.

The most important advice that Pete gave me was to set aside a quiet time each day, to thank God, to read the bible and to pray. Peter was with me well over 2 hours and was inspirational.