Monday 5th September 2012

Coping with Tiredness

  A better night, but quite a lot of pain from my hip this morning.

We need to get a thermometer. I am at risk of infection this week and temperature is a good indicator. So we will probably have a quick trip to town later on this morning, and I will have a visit to Starbucks.

I am very tired again today. I am going to have to develop a plan for coping with days like this. It would be very easy to sit and doze in front of the TV, but I do need to make sure that I spend some time keeping a link with the real world and that I get some exercise. I am probably going to get more familiar with daytime cable TV and old movies.

The trip to town generated a burst of energy.

I am going to try to get out for a short walk this afternoon.

Another concession to the problems with my hip. My scanner is a multi-function, top end machine. Unfortunately, I cannot actually reach it without standing up. So, I have bought an old style compact flat bed scanner, that I can reach without having to stand up.

When we got up this morning, we found that a large branch had fallen off in the night (see photo on left, to see how big the branch was). The tree is not on our property, it is on Grove Road, so is the responsibility of the council. Sue phoned the council and by 3pm, three council workers were busy trimming the tree. Impressive service. It seems that the tree will need further attention.

I did go out for a walk and made it as far as Grove Road, opposite the Texaco garage. Tomorrow, I may cross the road. There are rewards. The shop at the garage sells CHOCOLATE.