Saturday 3rd September 2011

Lots about bowels

  Another good night.

I think today, I need to focus on my bowels. I am on a low fibre, low residue diet, so I cannot expect daily movements, but it is now 5 days and I have an unpleasant full feeling. I probably need to increase the amount of laxative I am taking until there is some kind of an event. The things I need to think about.

I am keen to find out how my granddaughter got on yesterday in her cholesterol test. It is probably OK to phone Jenny in the day. I was reluctant yesterday evening in case they were asleep. Jenny phoned just after lunch. Jess managed to avoid a blood test, but has been started on statin tablets, which she seems to be able to swallow without a problem.

Good news, Ben, her younger brother has not inherited the defective gene

There is also some good news about the young lady up the road with the long-term infected wound. There is no leakage from her bowel (all about bowels today, sorry!) into her wound.
Another small step in the right direction.

It is Saturday, so we need to a little bit of shopping, mostly bits and pieces for me. I need a new belt and some new trousers. I have lost so much weight that I am having trouble keeping trousers up. That means Sue doing the shopping, while I wait at Starbucks.

Another task for today is to process the entries for a swimming competition next weekend. I am running a bit late, but I am sure people will understand. All of the entries are processed, so I can sit down and relax a little.