Friday 2nd September, 2011

A Normal Day

  Today was probably the first day since my diagnosis which was not focussed around my cancer.

I had a good night. Morphine kept the pain in my hip at bay.

It is a big day for my granddaughter. Her dad has high cholesteral levels and it looks like she has inherited the problem. She needs some hospital checks today, which are bound to be rather frightening for a 6 year old. She has the prospect of being on statins for the rest of her life.

This morning, I had a meeting at the Basingstoke Hilton, where "my dinner" as President of Hampshire County ASA is being held on October 1st. I am delighted that I am actually able to make this meeting. Preparations for the dinner are going very well, looks like I will have around 85 to 90 guests. What was really good about this meeting, was that it was nothing to do with cancer. The dinner gives me something to look forward to in about a month's time.

From the Hilton, Sue drove me to Savill Gardens (Windsor Great Park) for lunch. I wasn't sure how far I would walk, but the repaired Casson Bridge was open, which meant that there was a seat to rest in the pavilion on the bridge.

This was a little further than I thought I would go, and involved some steps, but getting down to lake level was very inviting, in the lovely sunshine.

Two problems.
(1) I did not bring a hat.
(2) We left my "booster cushion" back at the Hilton.

No problem. I now have a Panama hat and we have a rather splendid picnic blanket, which doubles as a cushion.

Getting back up the steps was easier than I thought, but took time, just in time for lunch. No point in trying to check E-Mail. Savile Garden has virtually no cell coverage. I felt completely wiped out when we got back to the car. This is probably a minor reaction to last weeks chemo. 40 minutes in the car gave me time to recover.

Since I got home from hospital, we have been spending time clearing out accumulated junk. The original motivation was to remove some obstacles that represent hazards when I am trying to lumber around the house on crutches, but it seems to have gained a momentum of its own. Sue and I have a habit of keeping things just in case we might need them. I seem to have thrown out hundreds of CDs, with things like 10 year old printer driver disks. I rather like the space we are creating.