Tuesday 23rd August 2011

New web site

A cocktail of pills
  The weather today is rather wet and depressing.

After a reasonably good night, breakfast was cheered with some photos from the Jacksons in New Zealand. They are coming home next week; their NZ trip seems to have gone very quickly.

That plus an E-mail from Ben Calloni started the day on a high note.

Straight after breakfast, I spent the morning at my PC, and started to load my blog to my website.

I had lots more encouraging conversations, including Chris Blake and Colin Godfrey.

I contacted Clive Hawkins, rector of St. Mary's, my local church. He is coming round to see me this afternoon.

I sat at my PC for me than 3 hours. Apart from swelling in my legs, no problems.

Clive came around at 3pm. I found it really helpful. He carefully explained some of the theology around healing. It is not an automatic entitlement. We need to be very practical and realistic about what we ask for. We had a general chat and Clive prayed for me, for the medical staff and for Sue and the family.

4pm and time for second lunch (to accompany my next round of pain killers). After sitting for a couple of hours, I actually have very little pain.

Tomorrow, I have a doctor's appointment, which could entail quite a lot of walking. So at around 6pm, I decided to "test" my legs. Getting trainers on was **very** painful, but I did walk to the far end of our garages and back, around 200m in all. Yes there was pain, but recovery time was good, so all systems go for the doctor.

Major achievement for the day .. transferring my blog notes to a web site. Eventually, I decided to overwrite my mglweb.com website completely. There was nothing really important on there anyway.

Almost immediately, I got requests for permission to pass on the link.