Saturday 20th August 2011

A Magic Saturday

The green countryside in Mapledurwell

A rare picture of me with Cathy
  Saturday morning .. so what is normal for today? Cathy is coming -- that is bound to be emotional.

One of my first thoughts was how unreal the last few days have been. I went to hospital on Monday feeling really ill and hardly able to move. This morning, apart from some low grade pain in my leg, I feel so much better. I have now had 3 good nights in a row and don't feel very tired.

As I sit here, the pain killers are kicking in and I am virtually pain free.

Sue needed to go to the postbox. I decided to go with her. It was slow going and I didn't make it all the way. Camrose Way is hard going; the pavements are in a very poor state.

We met Sally Tyler on the way back, walking her ageing collie. This was the first time that we had actually spoken to someone face-to-face who did not already know the extent of my problems. It was a much easier conversation than I expected. That gives me more confidence about facing people at church tomorrow.

Now for some light relief. Sue was about to go to the garage to get some bread and it started to rain. We both went into the garden to get the washing in and I managed to strain a muscle in my left groin!

Cathy arrived. It was wonderful to see her, and very reassuring at how naturally we were able to talk about my condition. Nowhere near as emotional as I expected. We planned to go out, but it was throwing it down with rain.

However later in the afternoon, the rain stopped. We got in the car and ended up with coffee and dessert in the garden of the Gamekeepers in Mapledurwell. What a splendid idea. The sun was very hot, the garden quiet and we were able to talk in a relaxed way for about 45 minutes.

I finally managed to pluck up courage to phone my dad and my sister. Very difficult calls to make! A very important decision.

I decided that I am not interested in dates or probabilities. They don't apply to me. I am stubborn and determined .. inherited from my father and I HAVE GOD ON MY SIDE.

A very pleasant trip to the Hatch for dinner and we plan our trip to church for tomorrow.

We have given Caroline the go ahead to tell people and include me in the prayers.

Finally, another wonderful and uplifting E-Mail from Cheryl Calloni.

Bed time and quite a lot of discomfort from my LEFT groin .. how silly.