Sunday 14th August 2011

The Context
  Following my diagnosis with cancer on 16th August, I decided to maintain a blog recording my feelings and what happens.

On 14th August, I have no inkling of my likely diagnosis. I know that I have a lot of pain from my back. The assumption is that this relates to an old injury.

I am waiting for an MRI scan. I am having problems with my GI system.

A cancer screen a few months ago was clear, so I am not unduly worried. I have had two attempts at colonoscopies, both of which failed, so I am waiting for a CT scan.

We made it to church today. I needed a cushion and several people commented at how ill I looked.

This blog is just going to be a stream of thoughts. Some days will have pretty deep thoughts, others will simply be a record of what happens.

I hope that two things shine through:

1. My dependence on God to carry me through the whole experience
2. The love and support of those around me

If there are lots of references to Center Parcs, that is because I spent the first week of August with all my children and grandchildren at Center Parcs in Elvedon Forest, Norwich.

As these events unfolded, my youngest daughter and her family were in New Zealand, visiting friends.